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Hangzhou, , China

Automobiles Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 1952

Welcome to our showroom on web! ZHEJIANG AMP INCORPORATION has registered capital of 251 million RMB, about 30.3 million US dollars, and mainly deals with agricultural products, cars, chemicals, regenerated resources, real estate, motorcycles and scooters etc. Our company is developing with the support of reform and innovation, it goes along with the system of reform, which is focus on the property. It is now fast booming with the expansion of the scale and benefit. In 2003, the annual sales volume is 8.14billion RMB, about 984.5 million USD; the import and export volume is 156.46 million USD, including US92.56 million dollars from export and US 63.90 million dollars from import. By the end of 2003, assets has topped 3 billion RMB . There are more than 1700 staffs in this company. Our company has nearly 70 branch and subsidiary companies scattering around China. It also has more than 200 thousand square meters of operation facilities, wharves and railways for own use. Up till now, the group company has formed a complete operation network featuring efficiency, unbostructedness, stability and controllability. Our company has always been sticking to the principle of credit and honesty, so that it enjoys high commercial prestige and has good social image. It has been appraised by Agricultural Bank of China Zhejiang Branch as Gold Customer in succession from 1998 to 2002, and it also has been appraised Hangzhou Credit-Grading Committee as grade plus star promise-keeping unit.

Products :

We are Manufacturers and imports and exportrs of SCOOTER : Pocket bike ES807, electric pocket bike ES801, space scooter, electric skateboard, gas skateboard gsb61, SEA SCOOTER, gasoline scooter GS303/gas scooter GS303, gasoline scooter GS303A/gas scooter GS303A, gas scooter Gs104B/gasoline scooter Gs104B, WHEELMAN GSB62, e-scooter ES05, gas scooter gs701, SEGWAY, electric scooter es307, electric scooter ES07-J, e-scooter ES07-B, electric scooter ES17, gasoline scooter GS202B/gas scooter gs202B, ELECTRIC SCOOTER ES15, gas motor scooter GS102-B. CHOPPER & HARLEY : Go kart GK250-2 (EEC approved), Mini Chopper GS222, Mini Chopper GS221, Mini chopper GS220GV, Mini chopper GS220G, MINI CHOPPER GS219B, CHOPPER SCOOTER GS218B, 4 STROKE CHOPPER GS216B, CHOPPER SCOOTER GS217, CHOPPER GS216, HARLEY SCOOTER GS207, CHOPPER SCOOTER GS218, MINI MOTOR GS209, MINI CHOPPER GS205, MINI CHOPPER GS211. ATV : ATVQ49, ATV250P-2, ATV50ST (EEC approved), ATVD49 (49CC), ATVB50 (50CC), ATV 50F, ATVE50, ATVC50 (50CC), ATV110S-5A, ATV110S-2 (EEC approved), ATV110-ER (EEC approved), ATV150S-3B, ATV150S-3D, ATV125ST-2 (EEC approved), ATV150L-1(EEC approved), ATV150L-2, ATV200S-2B, ATV200-EC (EEC approved), ATV250S-4, ATV250J (EEC approved) POCKET BIKE : mini moto quadard, MINI MOTARD(GS831), LIQUILD COOL POCKET BIKE GS901, Liquid pocket bike GS902, LIQUID POCTET BIKE GS903, GS904 (LIQUID COOLING), MIDI MOTO GS801, MINI MOTO GS802, POCKET BIKE GS803, POCKET BIKE GS804, POCKET BIKE GS805, SUPER BIKE GS806, MINI MOTO GS807, SUPER BIKE GS809, GS809B, 4 STROKE SUPER BIKE GS812, AIR COOL POCKET BIKE GS813, 4 STROKE SUPER BIKE GS815B, AIR COOL POCKET BIKE GS816, SPACE MOTO GS819. DIRT BIKE : Water cooled dirt bike DB920, Water cooled dirt bike DB921, On Road DB125/200SM (EEC approved), On Road DB125/200TR (EEC approved), On Road DB125GY (EEC approved), On Road DB100GY (EEC approved), On Road DB50/110-6 (EEC approved), On Road DB50/110-8A(EEC approved), On Road DB50/110-8(EEC approved), On Road DB50/90(EEC approved), DIRT BIKE DB250GY-6, DIRT BIKE DB150GY-4, DIRT BIKE DB200GY-7, Motard DB908, Dirt Bike DB134, mini dirt bike DB901, mini dirt bike DB902, Mini dirt bike DB903A, 4 STROKE DB903B, dirt bike DB906B 12". GO CART : GO KART GK150XS ( EEC approved), GO KART GK250XS (EEC approved), GO KART GK-B49, MINI GO KART S49, Mini Go kart GKT49, GO KART GK160T, GO KART GK150C(EEC approved), GO KART GK150F, Go kart GK150BS (EEC approved), Go Kart GK150CS (EEC approved), GO KART GK150FS, GO KART GK250CS(EEC approved), GO KART GK250F, Go Kart GK250FS 4 wheel independent suspension. GOLF CART& HANDICAPPED : golf trolley gc16, golf trolley gc15, remote electricgolf trolleyGC10FR, Push golf cart GC10, Push golf cartGC10A, GOLF CART GC500, two seat golf cart GC418GS, Electric golf cart Ets05, Electric golf cart Ets04G, Mobility Aid EFS04, Mobility Aid EFS05. ELECTRIC BIKE : e-bike EB06, Electric bicycle EBX01, E-BIKE EB01, E-BIKE EB03, Electric bicycle EB09, E-BIKE EBX-016, Electric bike EB05, Eletric bicycle EB22, E-BIKE EB11, ELECTRIC TRICYCLE EBS01, Eletric bicycle EB24, E-BIKE EB25. SPARE PARTS : muffler, sport pipe, performance parts - air filter.

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HANGZHOU - 310009 () China

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