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Fork (RL Type)


A Quality Product from
Ludhiana - India

Description :
Model - ME106
25.4 x 26 TPI, Tubular Crown coloumn length to order.
Availble for wheel sizes:
(a) 28 x 1-1/2"- 24"
(b) 28 x 1-1/2"- 22"
25.4 x 24 TPI to order
Colour to order

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We are Manufacturer and Exporter Of Bicycle, Bicycle Parts, Bicycle Ricksaw & Motor/Auto Parts, Hand Tools, Garden Tools and Tshirts etc. Bicycles:-Phillips Type Double Bar, French Type Single and Multispeed, MTB Single and Multispeed, BMX Single and Multispeed, Lugs & Shells:-Chain Stay For Raleigh Type, Chain Stay For Phillips Type, Seat Stay PH/ RL Type, BB Shell RL Type, BB Shell PH Type, BB Shell BMX Type, BB Shell (OPC), Seat Lugs, Head Lug Bottom, Top Lug Middle, Seat Lug SLR. Freewheels & Chain Chainwheel & Cranks:-Japan Cut Single Speed, Phoenix Single Speed, Double Chainwheel & Crank, Tripple Chainwheel & Crank, Tripple Chainwheel & Crank, One Peice Crank, Single Speed Cotterless, Cranks, Cotter Pins. B.B. Axles & B.B. Cups:- B.B Axle, B.B. Cup Phillips Type and B.B. Cup French Type, B.B. Cup Raleigh Type and B.B. Cup MTB Type, For One Piece Crank American Type, For One Piece Crank, B.B. Cup TG. Type. Hubs & Hub Parts:- PH Type Open Ends, Raleigh Type / French Type, BMX Oval / Multispeed, MTB Oval Multiple with Q/R, Hub Cart / Rickshaw, Hub Axle Quick Release, Hub Axle Phillips Type, Hub Axle Raleigh Type, Hub Axle 'A' Model, Brake Spindle, Hub Axle MTB ( Multispeed), Moped Axle, Hub Cones, Hub Cups, Hub Steps. Pedals & Pedal Parts:- Fine Diamond, Bow Type, Big Diamond, PVC Bow Type, Steel Body, MTB, BMX / MTB, Pedal Axles Saddles & Saddle Parts:- Full Roadster 90x3, Full Roadster 90x2, SLR, Italian Type, French Type, Saddle BMX, Touring, Ladies, MTB Senior, Junior BMX / ATB, Seat Pillars, Seat Clips, Seat Quick Release, Saddles Parts. Calliper Brake Set:- Phillips Type, Raleigh Type, Balloon Type, Caliper Brake SLR, Caliper Brake SLR, Caliper Brake French, Caliper Brake Racing, Cantilever Brake Set. Handle Bars & Parts:- Phillips Type, RL Type, NRR Type, Maxican Type, SLR, BMX, Racing, MTB / ATB Swaged Type, Handle Stems, Handle Stems MTB, Handle Expander bolts, Handle Grips, Lamp Holder. Forks, Fork Fitings & Frames:- Phillips Type, RL Type, French Type, Phillips Balloon Type, Twin Tube Type, BMX, BMX with Pivot, MTB, MTB With Pivots, RL Type, PH Type, RC Type, Italian Type, French Type, Zebra Type, R Type, BMX Type, Frame MTB, Frame French Type. Mudguards & Chain Cover:- Phillips Type, RL Type, French Type, SLR Type, BMX Type, MTB / ATB Type, MTB / ATB Short Type, BMX Type New, Quarter Chain COver, Half Chain Cover, Full Chain Cover, Chain Cover New Type. Carriers and Stands:- Side Stand, Center Stand, Full Stand, Carrier Channel, Carrier ATB Type, Carrier Junior SLR, Carrier French Type, Carrier Heavy Duty. Rims, Tyres, Tubes & Pumps:- Westwood Pattern, Westric Pattern, Endric Type, Endric French Type, Endric Type Hook Bead, Westwood Heavy Duty, Moped French Type, Spokes with Nipple & Washers, Tyre, MTB Tyre, BMX Tyre, MTB Tyre, Racer Tyre, Valves, Tube, Foot Pump, Frame Pumps. Accessories:- Ball Retainers, Steel Balls, Mirrors, Nipple Key, Tools and Tool Bag, Dynamo Light Set, Support / Training Wheel, Electric Horn, Electric Horn / Sirens, Water Bottle with Stand, Frame Lock, Cable Lock, Cable Hangers, Chain Wheel Guard, Sprockets, Nuts, Reflectors, Reflectors, Handle Carrier, Seat Pillar Bolts, Freewheel Cover, Fork Ends, Brake Shoes, Cables, Small Bolts, Levers, Mudguard Hanger, Bell Bottle Type, Bell Roadster Type, Bell Small. Hand Tools:- Double Open End Jaw Spanners, Bihexagonal Ting Spanners Deep Off Set, Combination Plier, Long Nose Plier, Joint Plier, Pincer, Pipe Wrench - Rigid Type, Adjustable Wrench, Hand Drill, Cross Wheel Spanner, Heavy Duty Two Way Wheel Spanner, Claw Hammer, Claw Hammer Tubular, All Steel Bench Vice Swivel Type. Garden Tools:- Pruning Secateur (Rol Cut Type), Flower Cutter, Pruning Secateur Shearing Type, Pruning Saw with Fixed Blade 13" & 15", Pruning Saw with Folding Blade, Cultivator, Weeding Trowel, Weeder, Weeding Fork, Bill Hooks, Khurpa, Garden How Trowel, Garden Hoe Fork. Ricksaw Teens Tshirts Mens Tshirts.

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