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pliers & pincers


A Quality Product from
Ludhiana - India

Description :
manufacturing hand-tools pliers & pincers.

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We are Manufacturer of Spanners- Recessed Panel, Raised Panel, Long Pattern, Full Polish, Chrome Plated, Full Polish, Satin Finish, Jumbo Size, Phosphate Finish. Sockets- 24 Piece Socket Wrench Set, (A) Socket (B) Extension Bar, ( C) Sliding Bar, Speed Brace, (E ) Reversible Ratchet Handle. Pliers- Combination Plier, Polished With Normal Sleeve, Combination plier Made from Chrome Vanadium Steel Polished, Combination Plier Chrome Plated With Two color Insulation, Combination Plier Heavy Duty for Professional use, ISI approved. Polished, Lineman Plier - Korean Type Polished.Combination Plier - Heavy Duty. Cutters & Pincers- Tower Pincer Plier, Tower Pincer Plier, tower Pincer Plier, Top Cutting Plier, Top Cutting Plier, Cobler Pincer Plier, Carpenter Pincer Plier. Wrenches- Pipe Wrench - Stillson Pattern Venus Premium, Pipe Wrench - Stillson pattern Full Painted, Pipe Wrench - Stillson pattern Half Painted, Pipe Wrench - Heavy Duty American Pattern Oil Filter Wrench- Light Duty, Oil Filter Wrench -Heavy Duty, Adjustable Spanner, Pipe Wrench Swedish pattern 45?, Chain Pipe Wrench. Chisels- Chisel - Flat, Chisel - Pointed, Flat Chisel - Rectangular Body, Wrecking Bar Double Bend, Wrecking Bar, Nail Puller double Bend With Grip, Crow Bar. Hammers- Ball Pein Hammer, Cross Pein Hammer Claw Hammer, Chipping Hammer With Spring Handle, Machinist Hammer, Club hammer, Sledge Hammer. Wrecking Bar- Wrecking Bar Double Bend, Wrecking Bar, Nail Puller double Bend With Grip. Vices- All Steel Bench Vice, All Steel Bench Vice, Cast Iron Bench Vice, Cast Iron Bench Vice, Baby Vice - Fixed Base, Baby Vice - Swivel Base, Table Vice Swivel Base, Chain Pipe Vice, Pipe Vice - Self Locking, Hand Vice. Jack Plain- Jack Plain - Plain Base, Jack Plain - Corrugated Base, Block Plain - Sheeted, Block Plain - Casted, Spoke Shave, Adze. Drill Machine- Breast Drill Machine, Hand Drill Machine, Three Pieces Mini G Cramp Set, G- Cramp, G- Cramp. Measuring Tools- Try Square, Bevel Square, Cast Iron Anvil, Vernier Caliper Brass, Depth Gauge Bearing Puller - Two Jaws, Bearing Pullers - Three Jaws.Hacksaw. Screw Drivers- Screw Drivers, Centre Punch, Nail Punch, Pin Punch, Letter Punches, Figure Punches, Letter Punches. Lubricants- Grease Gun - Lever Type, Flexible Hose With/Without Coupler, Grease Gun - Push Type, High Pressure Oil Can, High Pressure Oil Can, Caulking Gun, Caulking Gun. Leather Bags & Kits- 10 Pocket Leather Tool Kit Economy model, 10 Pocket Leather Tool Kit, High Quality Combination Leather Tool Kit, Leather Nail Bag, 10 Pocket Professional Style Nail & Tool Bag, 5 Pocket Leather Carpenter Apron, Leather welding Apron, Leather Hammer Holder - Swinging Type, Leather Hammer Holder - Fixed Type Leather Tape Holders, Leather Drill Holders, Leather Knee Pads. Garden Tools- Trowel (Small), Hand trowel (Big) Hand Fork, Cultivator, Weeder. Tool Kits- All Purpose /Diy Kits, All Purpose /Diy Kits, All Purpose /Diy Kits, Auto Tool kits for OMEs/Replacement Market, Auto Tool kits for OMEs/Replacement Market, Auto Tool kits for OMEs/Replacement Market.Packaging.

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