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Automobile Government Support
Goverment Automobile  Support
Citizens' Charter
The Government Automobile Workshop set up by the government of Pondicherry is intended to carry out the major and minor repairs to all Government Vehicles and also supply of POL to all Government Vehicles and also Vehicles belonging to Quasi-Govt. Organisations. There is a full fledged Service Station meant for servicing all Government Vehicles.
P.P.L. Tank is filled every week and Diesel Tank is filled twice in a week.

The Government Automobile Workshop has also got a Branch (Mini) Workshop at Karaikal to undertake minor repairs to all Government Vehicles deployed, in that Region. As in Pondicherry, there is also a Government Bunk catering to the needs of diesel, Oil etc. to Government Vehicles at Karaikal Region and also a Service Station for servicing the Government Vehicles in that Region.

The workshop is also conducting periodical refreshed courses for Government Drivers of Pondicherry in order to ensure proper maintenance of Government vehicles and also teaching them Driving Techniques for achieving maximum mileage and accident free driving. These trainings are conducted in collaboration with Oil companies and also petroleum Conservation and Research Agency, Government of India.

Training facilities imparted in the G.A.W. for TRAINEES in various Trades
This workshop is also conducting refresher courses to the vehicle cleaners of Government of Pondicherry in the maintenance and upkeep of Motor Vehicles as a part of prequalification for promotion to the post of Driver.

Apart from the above, this Workshop is also imparting practical inplant training under the Apprentices Act 1961 to the fresh I.T.I. (25) and Diploma Holders in Mechanical Engineering (22) for their career improvement. They are also paid stipends ranging from Rs.770/- to Rs.1,000/- per month. Special training is also given to the candidates sponsored by District Rural Development Agency, District Industries Centre and Nehru Yuvak Kendra, Pondicherry.

The Technicians of this Workshop are trained periodically through leading manufacturers of vehicles such as Mahindra, Hindustan Motors, Maruti Udyog Limited etc. As a part of Scientific way of attending to vehicles as per Manufacturer's specification as Engine Analyser is also purchased.

The Government Automobile Workshop has taken steps as per the guidelines given by Transport Development Council with reference to provision of automobile testing equipments in the Government Automobile Workshop, Pondicherry. Apart from engine Analyser to exercise a check on the emmission of exhaust gasses and to monitor the pollution at allowable levels, this workshop had acquired the following Hi-Tech equipments :

List of Hi-Tech Equipments available in GAW for Automobile Testing purpose

  • Computerised Wheel Alignment Guage.
  • Dynamic Wheel Balancing Machine.
  • Diesel Engine Exhaust Gas Analyser.
  • Petrol Engine Exhaust Gas Analyser.
  • Carbon Cracker (De-greasing vat).
  • Chain Hoiset.
  • There are 156 posts sanctioned for Government Automobile Workshop, Pondicherry and 28 posts for Government Automobile Workshop, Karaikal and 6 posts for Motor Vehicle Driving Training Institute, Pondicherry. Totally there are 190 posts in this workshop.
As far as purchase of Petrol and Diesel is concerned this Department is authorised to operate Suspense Head of Account for Purchase of POL Products "8550 Civil Advance - Other Advances - Advance towards purchase of petrol, Oil and other Lubricant products Government Automobile Workshop".

Suspense Head of Account for purchase of spare parts
"8550 Civil Advance 104 - Other Advances - (3) Advance for the purchase of spare parts / Materials and job Works for the Government Automobile Workshop".

The expenditure towards the purchase of POL and spare parts are initially booked in the Suspense Head of Account and then subsequently charged to the respective Depts. and the receipts are credited by the end of Financial year to the same Suspense Heads so as to wipe of the Advance drawn earlier.

This Workshop is also having certain receipts under Revenue Receipts by way of collecting fees and sale of old spares as follows :
  • Tution fees from the Trainee of Motor vehicle Driving Training Institute.
  • Sale of scrap and old spare parts.
  • Sale of old Batteries and other miscellaneous scraped items.
The total of such revenue receipts comes around Rs.10/- lakhs per year.

The Government Automobile Workshop is implementing the following Plan Scheme :
Modernisation / Expansion of Government Automobile Workshop and arranging driving training to unemployed youths.

Under this scheme a Motor Driving Training Institute is to the unemployed youths to train them in Light Motor Vehicle and Heavy Motor Vehicle Driving. A fee of Rs.600/- per trainee' is charged for this course. The fee for SC candidates is Rs.400/- per trainee. The duration of the course in two months for which necessary forms and applications are issued by this office. Women candidates are also considered when need arises.

There is a very good appreciation among the youths and large number of them enrol in the Institute to undergo Driving Training. The targetted number of youths to be trained in this institute during 1999-2000 is 300. So far this Institute has successfully trained 2688 candidates in driving Motor Vehicles from 1986-2000. Similarly in 1999 a Motor Vehicle Driving Training Institute has been opened at Government Automobile Workshop, Karaikal.

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